App: Primo Print in motion, 2020

PRIMO Print in motion
A video app for printed publications

How to deepen your reading experience?
How to bring your poster, your flyer to life?

Become part of PRIMO Print in motion –
the simple and stylish AR multimedia experience for printed publications.

Send us your picture and video today and you'll be with us tomorrow.
For information and prices please contact us via mail.

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20. October 2021

/// Website not updated since spring 2021 /// Please see for current projects Image: Screenshot Wisrah Villefort (BRA/Non-physical resident Lago Mio artist residency, p …mehr

02. June 2021

Lago Mio: Final presentation 2020/21 Exhibition at Lago Mio, talk at MASI | LAC With Johanna Bruckner, Till Langschied, and Diana Lelonek Curated by Benedikt Wyss Wednesday, 9 June 2021 Opening at Lago Mio artist residency from 7:30 PM …mehr

08. April 2021

QUILOMBO CALLING – APPLY BY 30 APRIL /// Happy to be part of the tri-continental residency and exhibition project QUILOMBO with SALTS and Waza Lubumbashi, presented together with Culturescapes 2021 Amazonia /// calling for Congolese, …mehr


1. Make sure you have good internet connection.
2. Open the app on your mobile device.
3. Make sure that the book page is flat.
4. Scan the image with your app camera.
5. The video stream starts automatically.

Good lighting conditions can greatly improve the detection.
Programming: Neuland Multimedia GmhH
The app was initiated with graphic designer Philippe Karrer.

PRIMO Print in motion available on the App Store and on Google Play.