Open House at HGK HyperWerk

Open House at HGK HyperWerk

09. January 2019


...currently working at hgk with students of hyperwerk postindustrial design on their OPEN HOUSE exhibition. i'm really excited and looking forward to friday. join us!

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How can we live together? How can we design the future? And how do we act today?
Do you want to see how we study at HyperWerk in Basel?

Join us for the OPEN HOUSE 2019:
Friday, 11.01.2019 from 13.00 till late

Organische Apparate / Apparatische Organe

The projects presented at the Open House embody organs and apparatuses. As fictional machines, they represent the productive similarities of a functioning body. This network is only partially based on the human physique, acting as a collection of products without coherent roots, and more or less clearly defined functions for the formation of a decentralized and unpredictable acting design.
The corridor of the Institute HyperWerk becomes a bloodline, a transport for people and ideas. It connects the apparatuses and organs, while simultaneously acting as an escape route from the crowd.

Postscriptum: Our Go-To-Tool Wikipedia translates the terms apparatus (latin apparatus) and organ (classical greek organon) with the same word: tool


Institut HyperWerk HGK FHNW
Ateliergebäude A 2.12 – A 2.20 - Tram 11 bis Freilager
Freilager-Platz 1
CH - 4002 Basel

20. October 2021

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02. June 2021

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08. April 2021

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