Lago Mio: Lugano residency, 2019

Open call 2020:
February; call for artists for the summer residency in Jul/Aug 2020

Final presentation 2020:
Saturday, 23 October

Past exhibition:
Chika Anadu, Zayne Armstrong, Tobias Madison
Final presentation and book launch
Opening 25 October 2019
26 Oct–20 Dec by appointment
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In March 2019, Lago Mio, the first artist residency in the old town of Lugano, was inaugurated by Basel based Swiss artist Johannes Willi. In July it opened its doors to the next guests, three filmmaking artists: London-based Nigerian filmmaker Chika Anadu, EU-based, American-born artist Zayne Armstrong, and Swiss artist Tobias Madison, who currently lives in New York. The final presentation of their works will take place on the entire 250 m2 of the residence. Mainly but not only videos will be shown.

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Lago Mio 2019:

After extensive discussions of the 112 applications, the Jury (Elise Lammer/Lausanne, Giovanna Silva/Milano, Benedikt Wyss/Basel) decided to invite three filmmaking artists: London-based Nigerian artist Chika Anadu, Swiss artist Tobias Madison, who currently lives in New York, and EU-based, American-born artist Zayne Armstrong. We chose three artists who will hopefully enrich each other through their practices in socially-engaged filmmaking. The resulting exhibition will take place on 25 October 2019.

Nigerian-born London-based filmmaker Chika Anadu (*1980) attended school in Lagos, Nigeria before going to the UK in 1997, where she obtained a BA in Law and Criminology and a Master's in Human and Sustainable Development. In 2010 Chika began working on her feature film debut ‘B for Boy’ at the Cannes Film Festival Cinéfondation Residency in Paris. 'B for Boy' has screened at more than 30 international film festivals worldwide. Chika Anadu is currently developing her second feature 'Girl' as a director on iFeatures – the British feature film development programme managed by the BFI, BBC Films, and Creative England.

Zayne Armstrong (*80s) was born in LA, has a US and a British passport, lives in Berlin, and studied on the MFA program at Piet Zwart Institute of the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. Zayne is currently developing a film with the working title Grounded, that starts with research on belief-based pedagogy, specifically Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf School model and its dissemination; to confront a theme that has been repeatedly emerging in his filmmaking practices practices and research into pedagogy and the ethics of consent to observe.

Basel-born New York-based artist Tobias Madison (*1985) completed his photography studies while co-organizing the New Jerseyy project space in Basel and the AP News cinema and music space in Zurich (until 2014). More recently, Tobias Madison created a remake of a 1970s film about a children's revolution (Das Blut, im Fruchtschfleisch Gerinnend beim Birnenbiss, Kestnergesellschaft Hannover, 2016) and a re-enactment of a play by Japanese playwright Shuji Terayama (Rotting Wood: The Dripping Word, MoMA PS1, 2016). Lately he worked on the film O Vermelho do Meio-Dia with the queer performance collective MEXA in São Paulo (Biennale d'Image en Mouvement in Geneva, 2018).

18. Dezember 2019

Closing event at Lago Mio Lugano: last chance to see our exhibition Anadu –Armstrong – Madison  on Friday, 20 December. We are celebrating the closing and a special Christmas opening of Turba. 6-8pm #finissage followed by live set b …mehr

12. Dezember 2019

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12. November 2019

– _ - o cometa from São Paulo accompany artists on journeys outside their usual places #carnavalparódico#actopolítico#cardúmenerótico For Spectra Aliento, we collectives, social groups, artists gathered during the 45 Salón Nacion …mehr


Lago Mio Lugano
Artist residency / Residenza d'artista
Via Cattedrale 15
6900 Lugano
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Lago Mio Lugano artist residency is a project by Associazione Turba and Benedikt Wyss:
Directed by Carlotta Zarattini and Benedikt Wyss
Committee: Giulia Brivio, Elise Lammer, Samuel Leuenberger, Alice Nicotra, Claudia Scholz, Philip Selzer, Giovanna Silva, Claudio Vogt, Johannes Willi Jury 2019: Elise Lammer, Giovanna Silva, Benedikt Wyss

Lago Mio is kindly supported by Città di Lugano, ERSL Ente e Agenzia Regionale per lo Sviluppo del Luganese, EVAV Verein für die Erforschung und Vermittlung audiovisueller Kulturgüter Basel, and SALTS Birsfelden. Partners: Associazione Turba, Deli Projects, and PRIMO Print in motion. Thank you to our crowdfunding campaign partners: Die Mobiliar, Locarno Film Festival, Artphilein Editions, and Johannes Willi. Thank you to our private supporters: Camilla Fasolo Zarattini, Alan Pipitone, Danna & Giancarlo Olgiati, Lise & Alfredo Gysi, Marco Borradori, Associa- zione Spazio 1929, Anonymous, Andrea Grassi, Carlo Zarattini, Georg Loretan, Giulio Zarattini, Isabella & Filippo Ferrari, Michelle Nicol & Rudolf Schürmann, Rosella & Phillip Rolla, Anonymous, Angela Lyn, Demetrio Zanetti, Gianluca Bonetti, Veruska Gennari, Thomas Keller, Candia Camag- gi, Daniele Agostini, donors from the 1st of August event, donors from the Ich heisse Luft opening, Lena Lichtenstern, Sandra Lichtenstern, Ingrid & Alex Wyss, Miki & Max Tallone, Bruno Bolfo, Luisella & Luigi Degani, Bruno Labouret, Claudia Scholz, Elise Lichtenstern, Urs Jeker, Esmeralda Mattei, Pauline Martinet, Massimiliano Moro, Henri & Ra aella Peter, Roberto Pezzoli, Olivier Rossel, Daniele Cattaneo, Nicholas Costa, Nadia Emery, Cristina Fantin Gatti, Luisa Rusconi, Carlotta Rossi, Christoph Schön, Elide Brunati, Francisco Dias, Cristina Lucchetta, Guenda Bernegger, Francesca Felder, Elia Bianchi, Basil Ne , Fabio Pinto, Magali Riom Créatrice i.a. Thank you for the exchange of ideas: Philippe Bischoff, Marianne Burki, Luigi di Corato, Marco Franciolli, Gianni Garzoli, Elise Lichtenstern, and Sandra Lichtenstern