Chika Anadu & Tobias Madison at Lago Mio in summer 2019

Chika Anadu & Tobias Madison at Lago Mio in summer 2019

16. Mai 2019

In March, Lago Mio was inaugurated by artist Johannes Willi, and from July the new residency in the old town of Lugano will open its doors to the next guests. After extensive discussions of the 112 applications, the Jury (Elise Lammer, Giovanna Silva, Benedikt Wyss) decided to invite London-based Nigerian filmmaker Chika Anadu, and Swiss artist Tobias Madison, who currently lives in New York. We chose two artists who will hopefully enrich each other through their practices in socially-engaged filmmaking. The resulting exhibition will take place at the beginning of September. Details will be announced soon. learn more...

13. August 2019

Tischhosts gesucht! Unser Social Muscle Club ist am 17. August zu Gast am Zürcher Theater Spektakel. Gemeinsam mit dem Speki feiern wir den 40. Geburtstag des Festivals – mit dem wohl grössten SMC aller Zeiten. Dafür suchen wir noch …mehr

09. August 2019

We would like to thank you very much for your support. You, 47 people, support the residency with 7'500 Swiss francs - and thus make an important contribution to the living costs of our guest artists, the creation of the final exhibition an …mehr

16. Juli 2019   [EN]     In the heart of Lugano we have opened the artist residence Lago Mio, a large apartment with a magnificent mountain and lake panorama – big enough for three artists to …mehr